All You Always Wanted to Know About Monorepo
But Were Afraid to Ask

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What is Monorepo?

Definitions may vary, but the most simple and precise one would be:
a repository that contains multiple projects, that are usually related.


Why go Monorepo?

Dan Luu already wrote it all in his post Advantages of Monolithic Version Control:

"My point isn’t that you should definitely switch to a monorepo; it’s merely that using a monorepo isn’t totally unreasonable, that folks at places like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Digital Ocean, and Etsy might have good reasons for preferring a monorepo over hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of smaller repos."

Happy Monorepo PHP Projects

Project Since
Shopsys 2018
Symplify 2016
Yii2 forever
Sylius forever
Laravel forever
Symfony forever
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What to Read or Use

Fun Facts

Monorepo has been used for ages by companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and languages like Java, C++ or JavaScript. Yet PHP is waiting for its monorepo hype in 2018.