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What is Monorepo?

A repository that contains multiple packages or projects. Those projects can, but don't have to be related. Most famous monorepo pioneers are Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The most famous monorepos in PHP are Symfony, Laravel, Symplify, Sylius, Yii2, Shopsys and Contao.

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Monorepo vs. Multirepo

Single-repo or split-repo

Monorepo is split into many single-repos, e.g. Symfony/Symfony is split into Symfony/Console, Symfony/Validator etc. Each single-repo repository is read-only. You can change its code via pull-request to the monorepo.


The other approach to manage multiple repositories. 1 package = 1 own repository. Each package has it's own development, tagging and even maintainers. E.g. Doctrine 2 or Nette 2.


Monolith ≠ monorepo. Monolith is huge amount of coupled code of 1 application that is hell to maintain.

Why is Monorepo so Awesome?

  • Simplified organization
  • Easy to coordinate changes across modules.
  • Simplified dependencies
  • Single lint, build, test and release process
  • Tooling
  • Single place to report issues
  • Cross-project changes
  • Tests across modules are run together → finds bugs that touch multiple modules easier

These are cherry-picked reasons from legendary Advantages of Monolithic Version Control and Why is Babel a monorepo? Read them to get deeper insight.

Tools for You

  • Symplify/MonorepoBuilder - init, setup and auto-split monorepo in minutes - great for start from scratch
  • shopsys/monorepo-tools - merges history of multiple repos to one and more - great for start for code with many repositories with long history